What is N-Spekt?

N-SPEKTĀ© 2 Software is a Windows based program specifically developed to efficiently and effectively record the data acquired during either incoming and/or final inspection operations.

What are the benefits of using N-Spekt?

Tremendous labor savings : one inspector using N-spekt software can do the amount of work done by three inspectors using paper and pencil systems!!
Greater accuracy from direct data input

Robust data retrieval capabilities, find inspection reports based on:

Job number
Part number
Inspection data

Complete, concise test reports
Extremely intuitive and operator-friendly

Data input:

Direct input from digital Mitutoyo gages*
Keyboard input
*Contact Greenslade to discuss connecting other brands
User types:
Single user; expandable to Network version
Network version, Host/Client peer-to-peer configuration
FileMakerĀ© Server with Host & Client configuration